University of Nevada, Reno to offer new Risk Management & Insurance Studies program

The College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno has hit the ground running on its new Risk Management and Insurance Studies program. The goal of the program is to create a sustainable platform that will spur interest and awareness amongst students at the University about the career opportunities in risk management and insurance.

David Cisneros leads the Risk Management and Insurance Studies program as its director. He spent 25 years in the industry, with notable positions as the director of risk management for both Oracle Corporation and IGT.

“The program brings a much-needed spotlight to an industry that’s often overlooked,” Cisneros said. “Job opportunities in risk management and insurance are abundant, offering individuals high-paying salaries, a work-life balance, as well as a challenging and rewarding career. Moreover, risk management and insurance touches every business, and gaining an understanding of this is essential for companies to run smoothly and cost-effectively.”

This spring, Cisneros taught Insurance & Risk Management and Corporate Risk Management. Life & Health Insurance and Property Casualty Insurance will be offered in fall 2022. Additionally, the College of Business plans to offer a minor in insurance and risk management in the near future.

Students who take classes in the program will gain an understanding of the ins and outs of insurance companies, insurance brokers and the day-to-day functions of a risk manager. In addition, students will learn how to transfer the risk of, for example, the loss of a building from a fire or earthquake, and the steps they would need to take if something does happen to it.

“Personally, I had never known of a career in risk management before I took Professor Cisneros’ class, which is one of best decisions I made throughout my academic career,” business student Shail Patel said. “I think this program is a great addition for those wanting to go into insurance, especially because prior to this program, there weren’t any specific paths or classes that would prepare you to work in the industry without experience.”

“Professor Cisneros’ course made it clear to me that there is a very exciting and profitable profession in risk management that many students should be more aware of,” business student Cameron Hogan said. “This profession would be perfect for someone who wants to make a lot of money while also having an incredible work/life balance.”

In December of 2020, the Nevada Surplus Lines Foundation provided a generous gift to support both the Insurance & Risk Management program and to establish the Nevada Surplus Lines Foundation Insurance & Risk Management Internship Scholarship Fund.

The Nevada Surplus Lines Association was formed to assist the Nevada Division of Insurance in the regulation of non-admitted surplus lines insurance and to encourage compliance by surplus lines agents and insurers following a bill passed by the 1995 Nevada Legislature. In 2019, the Nevada Surplus Lines Foundation was created to continue the charitable educational donations established by the Association.


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