transfer programs easily allow students to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Research shows a higher level of education is linked to higher income earnings and lower chances of unemployment, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet each year many people across the country decide not to seek a higher education.

For many people, deciding between state, private and community colleges can be challenging when considering affordability and distance from home. In 2020, a WalletHub study shows about 1 million Louisiana residents aged 25 years and older had a high school degree or equivalency as their highest level of education. Furthermore, about 670,587 people had some college, but no degree, as their highest level of education.

SLCC students in a standard classroom.

South Louisiana Community College and University of Holy Cross announced a new 2+2 agreement that allows SLCC students to easily transfer to UHC to complete their bachelor’s degrees. The new agreement encompasses Business Administration at UHC, which offers online business management and accounting undergraduate degrees. Under the plan, students complete 60 credit hours during a two-year tenure at SLCC, earn an associate degree and those credits then transfer to UHC, where the student transfers coursework to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree.


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