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Bachelor’s in business administration lays the foundation for a steep ascent to the top echelons of any company


If you are passionate about learning business and management skills or want to start your own business empire, pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) is a step in the right direction.
The three-year degree programme called BBA gives you the skills necessary to succeed in the business world and develop your neural networks in accordance with business executives. Most students interested in business enrol in BBA, where you receive instructions on how to improve your communication skills and pitch to clients in order to increase sales and conversions for your company.
BBA is derived from the branches of business studies that teach us how to do business, comprehend and manage people, handle challenging and important client interactions, as well as communication skills. This programme is designed to teach students how to run any business effectively.
You can use this course to prepare for employment with large national and international corporations. It takes a lot of efforts to start a firm and run it professionally, and that is where the role of a manager comes into play.
Government and private businesses alike are looking for competent business administrators to move their operations forward. The various topics covered in the BBA programme equip you with the knowledge needed to effectively gauge and manage any type of organisation.

Reporting by Arya Mohod

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Expert view | Deepali Naidu
Varied subjects open up gamut of opportunities
Since BBA is a commerce and management undergraduate programme, students pursuing it get to learn various subjects like accountancy, business management (including human resources, marketing, finance and operations) and business administration , IT applications , business law and economics.
Some of the career options available to students post the degree are:-
Entrepreneurship | Students can establish their own startups as they learn different aspects of business and leadership
Chartered accountant | BBA students can write the CA exams and get into the secure and rewarding profession
Human resources | Become an HR manager and be responsible for talent management
Marketing | Students with good communication skills can enter the marketing arena as executive or sales managers
Content development | Students with a strong business vocabulary and writing skills can develop content for various products and firms as freelancers
Company secretary | BBA students study law, which can help them pursue the company secretary course concurrently
Banking | Appear for public sector bank entrance exams or become professional bankers in private banks
IT sector | Join the IT sector in business/knowledge processing units or secure jobs in digital marketing firms
The author is coordinator of the internal quality assurance cell at City Premier College
Students get to know the basics of business and entrepreneurship. There is no need for costly master’s degrees because you can learn everything you need to know on the job. Compared to holders of other bachelor’s degrees, BBA holders have the highest employment rate
Gaurav Jaipuriya | director, City Premier College
Knowledge of BBA subjects is a good foundation for future job, educational or entrepreneurial prospects. Students acquire key competencies of business management needed at an undergraduate level across diverse fields. Postgraduation from a reputed institute can help fetch even better job prospects
Avinash Sahu | assistant professor, city premier college
This course will expose students to the skills required for leadership roles in an organization. At the end of the course, you will have acquired problem-solving and decision-making abilities and learnt how to work in teams. Industry projects help students understand the functions of industry
Ashwin Dhale | hod of commerce and mgmt, city premier college


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