These are the best jobs in Canada for 2023, ranked by experts

The best jobs in Canada for the year 2023 have been revealed and you might find them useful if you’re on a job hunt.

Experts at leading hiring platform Indeed studied the Canadian job market and took a look at 2022 employment trends to determine what’s going to be in demand this year.

Last year, Canada saw lowered unemployment rates, and even though this year has begun with a shocking chain of mass layoffs globally, analysts at Indeed predict that job seekers will have tons of choices in 2023, especially in the tech industry.

Indeed’s ranking is based on the following three factors: 

  • Opportunity: Growth in share of postings from 2019 to 2022 
  • Salary: Salary minimum above the Canadian median salary in 2020 ($65,000)
  • Flexibility: At least 10% of postings must include terms to indicate “remote” or “hybrid” work 

“Despite a slowdown in hiring in recent months, tech jobs remain among the most common high-paying job types on Indeed,” said Brendon Bernard, senior economist at the employment website. “As of late December, tech postings were still 30% above where they stood in February 2020, suggesting opportunities for job seekers remain.” 

Michelle Slater, director at Indeed, said those considering a change in their career should focus on enhancing their skill set and search for new opportunities. “But first, take the time to evaluate what matters most for you in your career,” she added.

Here are the top 20 jobs in the country, as per Indeed’s analysis.

Data Engineer

$102,500 median annual salary | 39% remote/hybrid | 871 jobs/1M 

Indeed job description: Data engineers are responsible for collecting, managing, and converting raw data into information that can be interpreted by data scientists and business analysts.

Data Analyst

$65,258 median annual salary | 31% remote/hybrid | 771 jobs/1M 

Indeed job description: Data Analysts collect, clean, and interpret data to identify key insights into a business’s customers and ways the data can be used to answer a question or solve a problem. They also communicate this information to company leadership and other stakeholders.

Business Systems Analyst

$77,870 median annual salary | 25% remote/hybrid | 672 jobs/1M 

Indeed job description: Business Systems Analysts are responsible for overseeing the analysis and development of a company’s business operations. They are highly analytical specialists and have both business and technical expertise. 

Risk Manager

$89,615 median annual salary | 17% remote/hybrid | 442 jobs/1M 

Indeed job description: Risk managers work closely with operations managers to forecast any threats to operations. Responsibilities include handling all risks that can threaten a company’s security, reputation, finances, or business operations. 

Technical Lead

$99,951 median annual salary | 40% remote/hybrid | 421 jobs/1M 

Indeed job description: A technical lead is a professional who oversees a team of technical personnel at a technology company. They often lead software development or software engineering teams and troubleshoot technical issues that involve software development, engineering tasks, and product releases. 


$71,130 median annual salary | 13% remote/hybrid | 379 jobs/1M 

Indeed job description: A dietician is responsible for coaching you through diet and lifestyle changes to improve overall health and well-being. They are trained professionals who alter an individual’s diet based on medical conditions, blood makeup, etc.

Android Developer

$100,000 mean annual salary | 47% remote/hybrid | 354 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: An android developer designs software and applications for Android devices and the Google Play Store. This software developer creates apps used on Android phones and tablets. They often work for large organizations or directly for an app development company. 

Delivery Manager

$105,000 median annual salary | 30% remote/hybrid | 299 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: A delivery manager, also known as an information technology (IT) service manager, is a professional who helps coordinate a project team to develop and deliver a product. These professionals typically gain employment in the technology industry, developing computer software. 

Director of People & Culture

$75,000 median annual salary | 32% remote/hybrid | 283 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: Directors of People & Culture are responsible for employee development, payroll and benefits administration, labor laws regulation, and recruiting processes while conducting miscellaneous administrative tasks and ensuring employee wellness. 

R&D Engineer

$65,000 median annual salary | 18% remote/hybrid | 247 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: An R&D engineer performs research and development duties for their company. They use research theories, principles, and models to perform a variety of experiments and activities. 

Principal Software Engineer

$155,000 median annual salary | 47% remote/hybrid | 211 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: A principal software engineer is a management and technical professional who develops and tests software to help achieve company goals. Principal software engineers work to develop teams while overseeing the technical aspects of computer software projects.

Python Developer

$101,497 median annual salary | 38% remote/hybrid | 207 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: A Python developer can work as a web developer, data analyst, or software engineer. Python developers assist organizations with their technological framework. They supervise the information flow between the servers and the users

$101,497 median annual salary | 38% remote/hybrid | 207 jobs/per 1M 

Engineering Manager

$107,500 median annual salary | 55% remote/hybrid | 195 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: Engineering managers generally plan, direct and supervise team members in engineering or tech companies. They are core members who create products or services, set project timelines, and complete administrative tasks like budgeting 

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

$75,000 median annual salary | 17% remote/hybrid | 194 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: Environmental, Health, and Safety specialists are responsible for planning, implementing, and enforcing an organization’s Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) policies and procedures. Their primary objective is to create a workplace that is safe and healthy for people and the planet. 

Platform Engineer

$110,000 median annual salary | 51% remote/hybrid | 180 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: Platform engineers write codes that bridge the gaps between software and hardware. They are a vital part of software and hardware industries and run diagnostic tests that verify the correct hardware design. 

IT Manager

$82,956 median annual salary | 35% remote/hybrid | 165 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: IT managers are information technology professionals who plan, direct and oversee activities dealing with a company’s computer and information systems. 

Safety Manager

$80,500 median annual salary | 11% remote/hybrid | 161 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: Safety Managers are responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies and standards, conducting audits and reviews of existing health and safety policies, advising employees on safety procedures, conducting training sessions, and addressing incidents and injuries. 

Infrastructure Engineer

$114,323 median annual salary | 51% remote/hybrid | 132 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: Infrastructure engineers use their computer science expertise to build, maintain, and coordinate digital networks and systems that support network communities. 

Child Protection Practitioner

$74,941 median annual salary | 11% remote/hybrid | 86 jobs/per 1M 

Indeed job description: Child Protection Practitioners offer practical help and support to families involved with Child Protection Services. 

Infrastructure specialist

$72,500 median annual salary | 39% remote/hybrid | 77 jobs/per 1M

Indeed job description: Infrastructure specialists assess, configure, and maintain technological infrastructure systems to ensure they meet an organization’s business needs. They evaluate existing systems and determine ways to better align those systems to support business operations for increased efficiency. 


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