How Much Does an eCommerce Manager Earn

Do you possess excellent leadership skills? Do you have a passion for sales and marketing? You can realize your potential and your passion in the role of an eCommerce manager. An eCommerce manager is responsible for managing a company’s online shopping outlets.

What It Takes to Become an Ecommerce Manager

An eCommerce manager ensures that the online store operates smoothly and that all the related operations run to perfection. To perform the role of an eCommerce manager effectively, you can get the necessary training, qualification, and certifications.

E-commerce is booming globally. There has been a sharp increase in the number of employments in the eCommerce industry in the last few years, especially in managerial positions. E-commerce managers are responsible for boosting a retailer’s online presence and handling several vital responsibilities.

E-commerce managers have a broader role to play in the success of an online enterprise. They must oversee the entire eCommerce operations of retail companies. Likewise, they have to deal with various assortments, handpick products for sale and manage returns.

The day-to-day activities of an eCommerce manager primarily involve planning various routine and extra tasks based on the developing situation. They also act as the communication link between multiple departments and ensure smooth coordination between all of them.


E-commerce managers are also entrusted with the responsibility of supervising incoming payments and returns. They must analyze the sales statistics accurately and optimize the product range accordingly. The ultimate goal is to boost conversion rates.

Ecommerce Manager Salary

Depending on the qualification, soft skills, and experience, an eCommerce manager can earn an attractive salary.

But, the salary for those just starting in the industry of eCommerce managers can be a bit low, in the range of $20,000 to $25,000. However, the starting salary will depend on the retail business you are working for. Established companies will likely pay more if you show promising potential in your initial days and months. The salary figure can rise significantly for a manager with a few years of experience. They can easily earn a salary between $50,000 to $60,000.

Senior managers can expect a salary of $160,000 annually. Again, this number can rise significantly under specific circumstances. Your professional experience and expertise in the industry will put you in a favorable position while negotiating for a better salary package.

On average, eCommerce managers earn around $72/hour. Even freelancer eCommerce managers also make the same. So, if they have additional soft skills, their earnings can go up to around $90 per hour.


As an eCommerce manager, you must be capable of handling several tasks, most of them related to the management of the online store. You are expected to:

  • Define the goals/objectives
  • Take stock of inventory and review sales data.
  • Ensure optimization of sales and boost conversion rates
  • Analyze business data and web analytics
  • Develop pricing strategies
  • Manage the returned goods effectively
  • Also, plan contests, giveaways, and other promotional campaigns
  • Plan ad campaigns across all media channels
  • Develop SEO and SEM strategies
  • Work on market research studies
  • Manage the hiring of various staff and assign them daily activities


E-commerce managers must have expertise in business administration. They must be project-driven and clearly understand how to develop and tweak strategies to achieve projected sales and profits.

They also have extensive knowledge of the products they are handling, especially of the best sellers in their retail store. This will help them develop the right strategies for improving sales and boosting profits.

An eCommerce manager must have a deep understanding about

  • Business management
  • The strategies for driving sales in specific sectors
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO and its applications
  • Digital Advertising tools and platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Market research and analytical processes
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team

E-commerce managers can expect a great career in the industry if they develop soft skills. So, these include verbal and written communication and leadership. Also, they must learn how to take the team along with them to create a synergy of effort. They must be excellent communicators and develop a rapport with affiliated departments and agencies.

E-commerce managers must also have adaptability as one of their essential skills. With the industry landscape changing rapidly, only those retail businesses that adapt quickly to the changing situations can survive the cutthroat competition. Adaptability is also important to keep pace with the change in Google’s algorithm.


A career as an eCommerce manager can be highly satisfying if you love challenges and has a penchant for applying innovative methods to achieve your goals. Moreover, the eCommerce industry is a challenging workplace as you have to constantly innovate and adapt to the changing business situations and the fluctuating demands of the market. Also, there is vast potential in the industry in terms of earnings and rewards. So, remain current with the existing trends and developments if you want to make a successful career as an eCommerce manager.


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