Dean of the School of Management job with NEW UZBEKISTAN UNIVERSITY

About the School:

         Welcome to the School of Management, a distinguished institution dedicated to excellence in Industrial Management. Our school’s mission is to equip aspiring professionals with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values necessary to excel in the dynamic field of industrial management.

          Our vision for the development of the School of Management centers around two key elements: academic rigor and holistic growth.

          In line with our vision, the School of Management also prioritizes industry collaboration and real-world application. We foster strong partnerships with leading industrial organizations, enabling our students to gain exposure to industry practices, network with professionals, and work on industry-specific projects. By integrating real-world case studies and guest lectures from industry experts, we bridge the gap between theory and practice, preparing our students to effectively address the challenges and seize opportunities in the industrial management field.

           School of Management offers an undergraduate program in Industrial Management. The program has been developed in collaboration with the School of Management of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The school is preparing to get international accreditation from AACSB.

           The Dean is the principal officer of the School of Engineering and is responsible for the school’s strategic leadership and executive management.

Requirements from candidates:

  • Ph.D. degree from a reputed University in a discipline represented by a School of Engineering: Chemical & Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, or a closely related subject field;
  • Must have held Full Professor rank for at least 5 years; International track record of research and professional achievements;
  • Excellent record in teaching/overseeing undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs;
  • Experience in working with international accreditation organizations is required;
  • Previous experience as Dean or Vice Dean of an internationally ranked university is preferred;  

Your Remuneration, Benefits, and Support:

          The successful candidate will have a multi-year renewable contract and no mandatory retirement age. We are committed to providing competitive employment packages while supporting the well-being of our staff to help them reach their full potential. We offer an international highly competitive salary package and you will have a range of benefits and entitlements, including accommodation allowance, health insurance, one round flight ticket home per year, relocation support, and paid annual and sick leave. You will be offered a wider range of support from our strategic partners MIT and TUM those opportunities based on the eligibility of the applicant. International candidates have a twelve percent flat taxation rate.

Why New Uzbekistan University:

         Uzbekistan is a beautiful country in the heart of Central Asia with a large and young population. More than 10 000 (ten thousand) public schools and more than 1(one) million children are involved in public education. People and the government of the country prioritize the development of education, science, and research as key factors for the development of Uzbekistan and its young population. As Uzbekistan develops its education and research sectors, there is a real opportunity for academics to make a lasting impact on the country’s future, contribute to its growth, and be a part of a transformative journey.

         New Uzbekistan University is the first autonomous public university in Uzbekistan. This project aims to establish a world-class university with an emphasis on Engineering, Science & Research. The University was launched in 2021 by the initiative of the president of Uzbekistan, Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev. 

         Professor Wolfgang Anton Herrmann, the honorary president of New Uzbekistan University, has had a remarkable career spanning more than four decades. As President Emeritus of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Professor Herrmann has played an instrumental role in shaping TUM’s success and growth over the years, transforming it into one of the leading institutions for science and engineering in Europe.


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