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Business management deals with numerous aspects of coordinating, organizing, and implementing various operations of a commercial enterprise. Individuals with strengths and interests in finance, resource management, organization, ethics, and solutions development can find many opportunities in the business management and administration sphere. In general, business management is typically used to describe a broader field of study that deals with the fundamentals of commerce and trade at an enterprise level.


What Can You Do With A Business Degree?

Many current and prospective students will find themselves wondering: What can you do with a business degree? A bachelor’s degree in business can lead to a range of different career options. As students develop skills related to management, organization, finance and accounting, and other operations essentials, they can apply these abilities to many different opportunities.

Some of the most common industries that offer jobs for those with a business degree are manufacturing, finance, healthcare, retail, tech, and government.

A business degree doesn’t limit one’s career to commerce. Many of the skills developed in pursuit of a business degree are relevant and useful to a career in non-profit organizations, including charities, advocacy groups, and organized activism.

Business degrees can open doors in the administrative end of education, essential services, and utility providers. This is why students with all kinds of personal goals and passions can put their business degrees to work towards a career that matters to them. Apart from working within an existing business or company, business degree holders can apply their knowledge to their own entrepreneurial and startup goals.

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Business Management Salary   

A business administration salary varies greatly and depends on many factors related to specific industries, regions, organizations, and roles. In an administrative or managerial capacity, some business degree holders can expect to earn an average of $109,000 at the mid-level of their career.

However, business management salary levels can greatly deviate from this depending on education level, experience, and the department or team under the manager. At an entry-level, a business manager or business administrator’s salary ranges from $33,000 to $40,000 annually.

International Business Jobs

The global nature of commerce and borderless connectivity has led to a boom in international business jobs. Business management students may choose to major in international business or international studies if they’re seeking careers that offer globally-connected opportunities.

An international business degree can set students on a path to jobs in marketing, finance, economics, human resources, operations management, and other roles in international companies and organizations. These jobs can be very satisfying for individuals who enjoy travel, trade, and cross-cultural relationship building.

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How To Find Business Manager Jobs

Business manager jobs are available in all types of industries. Virtually all medium to large companies will have multiple roles for managers. Job seekers may want to consider a specific type of industry or company that evokes their interest and passion and seek out managerial or administrative positions therein.

Networking with higher-level managers or interning at a particular organization is an effective method for identifying and pursuing management opportunities. When seeking jobs at an entry or junior level, a management position by not be easily in reach, however, lower level employment can give business management degree holders a direct path to a management position within an organization.

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