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Academic Advising

At CMU, academic advising is more than choosing courses that fit your timetable. We take a holistic approach to advising, which includes conversations about academic interests and career/vocational goals.

Advising Resources

The Advising Coordinators assign each first-year student to a Faculty Advisor who is their academic mentor. In addition to faculty, the Advising Coordinators are on hand to consider CMU degree and pre-professional options with students.

Take advantage of the following resources:

  • Academic and Vocation Advising (academic supports/tutoring, program and course planning, vocation exploration, and more)

    • Lisa Richard, Coordinator of Student Advising

      To book an appointment, click here (first to third-year students).
    • Gina Loewen, Coordinator of Academic Advising

      To book an appointment, click here (fourth-year and graduating students).
    • Your Faculty Advisor – click here to contact your Faculty Advisor

  • Practicum and Vocation Advising


Advising Philosophy

Career/vocational exploration, course selection, and degree planning can be likened to putting together a beautiful puzzle. At first it all seems a bit abstract, but once the pieces start coming together, you begin to observe artistic development. Stick with it, and you begin to see the whole picture. Stick with it long-term, and this process becomes a life-long journey of academic and vocational development.

Consider the following as somewhat of a prioritization for choosing courses:

  1. Courses that are of personal interest to you
  2. Courses that align with your academic and career/vocational interests
  3. Courses that will keep your doors open until you are ready to choose the degree program that aligns best with your academic and career/vocational interests
  4. Strategizing so you can complete your degree within your desired timeline

    • To find sample degree audit forms online, follow these steps:

      • cmu.caAcademics → click your subject area of interest → click Programs and Courses


Registration Instructions

  • For step-by-step portal registration instructions, click here
  • For the Registration Guide, click here
  • For Courses and Timetables, click here


Academic Supports

  • PAL (Peer Assisted Learning): If you’re having trouble with a class, struggling with an essay, or looking for someone to study with, join us in the Marpeck mezzanine and connect with a volunteer tutor! The PAL scheduled is determined annually according to the volunteer tutors’ schedules (timeslots will be posted here in September). To schedule a one-on-one meeting at another time, or if you have questions, you can send an email to the PAL Coordinator. As a CMU student, you will find the PAL Coordinator’s email address in the Office 365 Outlook address book. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.
  • Peer Tutors: A peer tutor is an upper-level student who has aptitude and experience with the subject for which help is requested. The student requesting tutoring pays the tutor an hourly stipend. Appointments are booked through the office of the Coordinator of Academic Advising.
  • Academic Tutors: Limited one-on-one appointments are available for CMU students, free of charge. This includes help for a broad range of “big-picture” academic needs, such as essay writing, research, test/exam preparation, study skills, time management, and overall strategizing. 
  • Academic Writing: Click here to learn more.


Marpeck Commons Study Rooms

Students can book the study rooms on the second floor of Marpeck Commons for academic use. Click here to access the booking page.

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